Land Rover Brake Issue

Why It’s Important to Get Quality Brake Service for Your Land Rover

Your Land Rover’s brake system must always be in excellent condition because, unlike other vehicle components, any sudden failure is usually catastrophic. Whenever you intend to regulate your speed or come to a total halt, you need your brakes to function on demand every time. Hence, the brake system is an integral component, and you must ensure that any service or repairs are done with precision and accuracy.

The brake system consists of the brake pads, caliper, and rotor. Newer Land Rover models also have an autonomous emergency brake as a driver assist device that kicks in during an imminent risk of collision to help reduce the severity of the impact.

How does the Land Rover brake system work?

Unlike some other vehicle manufacturers that still employ drum brakes for the rear wheels, Land Rover uses disc brakes on all wheels. Disc brakes have evolved and are widely utilized because they have fewer moving parts, longer lifespan, cool off quickly, and easy access for maintenance or repairs.

So, how does a disc brake work? When the driver presses the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder causes the brake caliper to force the discs on the moving rotor. The contact between the brake pads and rotor causes friction, which reduces the speed of the moving wheels.

Give Your Land Rover Quality Brake Service

Considering the speed most vehicles travel and the catastrophe that could occur if the brake fails, it must always be responsive. Hence, you must be very intentional about the quality of the service the brake gets to ensure it doesn’t fail unexpectedly.

Discussed below are the following reasons why you must provide your brake system with top of the line service:

Brake pads

Land Rover brake pads have an estimated lifespan of 30,000 to 70,000 miles. The longevity of the pads is dependent on driving habits, driving conditions, and the material composition of the pads. Compared to other components in the brake assembly, the brake pads wear down the fastest due to the constant pressure they are constantly subjected to.

The brake pads play a critical role in bringing the vehicle to a halt, and their replacement must be error-free. Besides ensuring that the replacement pads are of the best quality, the technician must also examine the condition of the brake assembly to verify it is in good condition. Installing a new brake pad on a defective brake system could cause premature wear of the pads and result in unresponsive brakes.

Brake rotor

The brake rotor provides the surface that the pads contact to create friction. Although the brake rotor has a longer lifespan than the pads, they may become unevenly worn or damaged and would need replacement. You may often notice screeching after new pad installation, a vibrating and pulsating brake pedal, or intermittent braking noise. Since the brake provides the surface on which the pads grind, it needs to be in pristine condition to generate enough friction required to bring the vehicle to a halt, otherwise, you may experience longer braking distance.

Brake caliper

Regardless of its lengthy lifespan, the caliper starts to wear down from repeated heat-up and cool-down cycles, leaving room for the formation of corrosion inside and outside the brake caliper. Consequently, the corrosion causes abrasive wear on the piston seal, leading to the piston’s seizure and uneven brake pad wear.

The brake assembly needs quality service and repairs to keep it running and in the best condition. Entrusting the job to a reliable technician means the replacement is error-free and, in most cases, promptly detected before it causes damage to other components in the brake assembly.

Land Rover Quality Brake Service

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