Jaguar Front Wheel Bearing Failure

Best Garage to Fix Your Jaguar’s Front Wheel Bearing Failure in Modesto

Have you ever thought about what keeps your car Jaguar’s drive so smooth and stable? It’s all in the wheels. But, what happens when you start hearing strange noises or your vehicle starts wobbling on the road? Let’s look into a common issue that Jaguar owners may encounter: front wheel-bearing failure. Having a good knowledge of the causes and the solutions for front bearing failure is important to keep your Jaguar in a smooth driving condition.

What Makes The Front Bearing Fail In Your Jaguar?

  • Contaminants: Dirt, water, and other foreign substances can get inside the wheel bearing assembly and hamper its proper functioning. The grease that lubricates the bearing is affected when these contaminants are mixed with it thereby creating friction. In a situation like this, the bearings can eventually be worn out before their time is up.
  • Harsh Driving Conditions: Vehicles driving on rough or uneven terrain, like unpaved roads or streets with potholes, increase the load on the front wheel bearings. The process of stopping and starting, especially while driving with a racing mindset, may be the ultimate reason. These extreme driving situations will speed up the wearing out of the bearings which leads to total failure.
  • Age and Mileage: Just like any other mechanical part, the front wheel bearings will eventually wear out and can become damaged, especially with normal use and high mileage. Longevity of the bearings is associated with the deterioration of the grease inside of them and this may cause more friction and wear. Also, the continued rotation with pressure on the bearings while driving over time will erode them. This makes the older vehicles that have high mileage more susceptible to front wheel bearing failure.

Fixing Your Jaguar’s Front Wheel Bearing

  • Access and Remove the Wheel Hub Assembly: Attach a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts securing the wheel. After that, remove the wheel from its location and set it somewhere safe. Based on the Jaguar model that you have, you may need to disassemble the brake caliper and rotor to get to the wheel hub assembly. This step might be different in your car, so please check the vehicle manual for particular instructions. After taking brake components out of the way, use the wheel hub puller to gently remove the wheel hub assembly from the steering knuckles. Go slow and make sure you don’t have any damage around the components.
  • Replace the Front Wheel Bearings: Now the wheel hub assembly is removed, there is a way into the front side wheel bearings. Take care to notice the orientation of the existing bearings, take them out one at a time. Clean the ball bearings and add grease to the grease fitting before putting in the new bearings. Make sure that new bearings are well lubed up before installation.
  • Reassemble the Wheel Assembly: Take care while reinstalling the wheel hub component, alighting all the parts accurately, and tightening to the recommended manufacturer’s specification torque. Make sure that all the job is done in a safe way before you proceed to the subsequent step.
  • Let Professional Fix It: As easy as this problem may sound, you should not attempt to fix it yourself. Wrongly fixing the wheel bearing can pose a safety risk on the road. Leave the job for a professional mechanic.

Jaguar Front Wheel Bearing Failure Fix

Let Kruse Lucas Imports Mechanics Help Fix Your Jaguar Wheels

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