Lexus Experts of Modesto

When you own a luxury vehicle like a Lexus, adopting a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs is essential when it comes to maintaining the performance and driving experience you’ve come to expect from your car. At Kruse Lucas Imports in Modesto, we are dedicated to helping you maintain and repair your Lexus to the highest standards, so you can enjoy the superior performance the brand is known for.

Only the Best for Your Car

Owning a Lexus means you enjoy the finer things in life — and you know that taking care of them is important. That means you aren’t going to take your car to just any garage. You want a technician who is well-versed in all the intricacies of your Lexus vehicle. At Kruse Lucas Imports, you get that and more, including:
  • ASE Certified Mechanics
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Affordable pricing
  • TechNet minimum warranty of 24 months or 24,000 miles
  • Factory-grade tools and cutting edge diagnostic equipment

Scheduled Maintenance, Diagnostics, and Repairs

Every Lexus requires routine servicing to continue running at its best, with regular diagnostic checks being a smart addition to help catch problems early so you can address them before they start doing more damage to your car. Some of the services we offer at Kruse Lucas Imports include:

Get the Most Out of Your Lexus

Your Lexus is the pinnacle of luxury and performance, and at Kruse Lucas Imports, we’re dedicated to helping you keep it that way. We take the time to get to know you so we can understand what you want out of your car’s performance, and we put in the work to help you every step of the way to getting there.

We are located in Modesto, and are proud to serve drivers from:

Don’t wait until you’ve fallen behind on your maintenance or desperately need repairs — call or stop by today to get your Lexus the care it deserves.
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