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The clutch in your automobile is critical because it decides whether you will have a smooth ride or not. Even if you drive carefully, your clutch will eventually wear down. As a result, we recommend periodic maintenance to keep it in good working condition.

The clutch in earlier cars is operated by a clutch pedal, but today’s vehicles employ a hydraulic system, just like the power steering and brakes. Because there are so many moving components in the clutch, it must be serviced on a regular basis to avoid problems. You should get your clutch repaired by a professional who is skilled in clutches. Kruse Lucas Imports is a trusted repair shop in Modesto, CA that offers comprehensive clutch servicing.

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Kruse Lucas Imports is known as the area’s most reliable European auto repair shop with a commitment to quality & friendly service. We specialize in clutch services & repairs for all models of: Clutch repairs should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of your car’s make and model. At Kruse Lucas Imports, our ASE-certified mechanics have years of experience working with these brands. Our mechanics understand the significance of adhering to each model’s individual service requirements and getting your car the service it needs.
European Auto Clutch Repair

Signs of a Failing Clutch

Here are some warning indicators that might inform you of an impending clutch failure;
  • Difficulty with forward or reverse shift
  • A squeaky noise while your car is in neutral
  • Vibrations each time you press the clutch
  • The clutch feels stiff or difficult to push
  • The clutch pedal is mushy
Our experts can thoroughly check your clutch system to detect the issue and address it fast and correctly.

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Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service has won us the reputation as the go-to vehicle repair shop for drivers throughout Modesto and from neighboring regions, including: If you’re experiencing clutch issues, don’t put off getting it repaired for too long. It is best to have it fixed as soon as possible rather than waiting until it causes harm to other parts of your car. If you have any questions concerning your vehicle’s clutch, please call one of our knowledgeable experts or visit our shop today.
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