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When Should You Change the Engine Oil of Your Audi in Modesto?

Engine oil is as essential to a vehicle as the blood is to the human body. Besides lubricating moving parts and reducing engine friction, the engine oil also helps cool down the engine. Since the engine oil is constantly in circulation for the adequate lubrication of the engine, it wears down over time and would need to be replaced.

Your oil change interval depends on the type of oil your engine uses. Ideally, most manufacturers recommend an oil change interval of 5,000 to 7,500 miles, but full-synthetic engine oil could run as far as 15,000 miles before needing service. Keep reading as we discuss symptoms of worn engine oil.

Symptoms of Worn Engine Oil

Running your Audi engine on worn engine oil impacts your vehicle performance and if ignored for long, could cause irreparable engine damage. The good news is that there are easy telltale signs that alert the driver when your engine is due for an oil change. Knowing the symptoms to look out for could help prevent sudden or permanent engine damage.

  • Illuminated oil change light: The dashboard of your Audi houses several warning lights. One of such lights is the oil change lights. This light automatically comes up after specific mileage points as set by the manufacturer as a reminder to change the oil. The light is then reset after each service.
  • Dirty oil: A fresh oil has an amber color and is slightly translucent. The constant use of the oil for the engine’s lubrication makes it wear down and gather contaminants, resulting in a darker-looking oil. When you check your engine oil levels and notice that it is dark, it is a good indicator that your engine is due for an oil change.
  • Engine noise: The engine oil functions to lubricate engine moving components to reduce engine friction. Thus, a properly lubricated engine operates smoothly. On the contrary, old or contaminated oil has less lubricity, resulting in the engine components grinding against themselves and leading to loud engine operation. The metal-to-metal contact of the engine’s internal components may produce a light tapping or knocking sound. It is best to attend to this symptom expediently to prevent total engine damage.
  • Reduced engine performance: When the oil gets old, it gathers contaminants that reduce its effectiveness. Besides reduced effectiveness, the contaminants also clog the oil filter, reducing the engine’s oil flow and adequate lubrication. When the engine is not properly lubricated, it affects its overall performance.
  • Overheating: Running on old or low engine oil impacts the capacity of the oil to adequately lubricate the engine and prevent the engine components from heating up. Although overheating is usually due to an issue with the engine cooling system, a worn or low engine oil could also trigger it.

Whenever you notice any of the following symptoms, you should go in for an oil change before your engine experiences irreparable damage.

Causes of Worn Engine Oil

Having the engine oil wear down after an extended period of use is not unusual. The constant circulation of the oil through the engine causes it to wear down and gather contaminants which affect its potency. However, the engine’s condition could accelerate the wear down of the oil.

As you might imagine, an old engine will burn more oil due to worn valve guides, worn cylinder walls, and stuck rings, resulting in the production of by-products that contaminate the oil. Regardless, Audi recommends changing out the car’s engine oil at least once a year or every 10,000 miles driven, whichever comes first.

Audi Engine Oil Change

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