Audi Illuminated Check Engine Light

What To-Do When Your Check Engine Light Is On

When your Check Engine Light (also known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is illuminated on your dashboard, it could be pointing to many different things. Ranging from trivial issues like a loose gas cap to more serious problems like an engine overheating, there’s a myriad of options for what the issue is. Rather than risking it by continuing to drive as usual, bring your car in right away! Finding out why this signal is on will prevent it from turning into a larger, more expensive repair. Below, we discuss some prominent reasons why your vehicle’s check engine light flashes and what to do when it does.

Why is the Check Engine Light on?

Possibility #1- Defective gas cap

Strange as it may seem, a defective gas cap can cause your Audi’s check engine light to start flashing. This is because it does more than just covering the gas tank opening; it prevents fuel evaporation from the gas tank. Therefore, if it gets damaged or loosens, your fuel economy will drop drastically and it may cause your vehicle’s EVAP to malfunction — resulting in the dashboard signal.

Possibility #2- Damaged oxygen sensor

Located in your Audi’s exhaust system, oxygen sensors help the engine management computer with many different things — from emission control to engine performance optimization. If they are damaged in some way, they’ll trigger the check engine light and you’ll encounter an array of performance issues as well as fail emissions inspections.

Possibility #3- Broken MAF sensor

Another cause for a check engine light is a broken MAF sensor. In the air intake system, the Mass Airflow sensor measures the amount of air entering the combustion chamber. This piece is the maintains the balance for air-to-fuel ratio within the cylinder. When it’s not working, your Audi’s engine will perform poorly and battle all sorts of drivability problems.

Possibility #4- Damaged catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is one of those exhaust system parts that doesn’t get much attention. Lack of maintenance can cause the converter to fail prematurely. A failed or damaged catalytic converter that’s left untreated can contribute to a host of different performance and emissions issues; therefore setting off the check engine light.

Possibility #5- Engine overheating

If your engine’s temperature goes beyond the maximum range, the check engine light will turn on. In addition to it flashing, you will notice a bunch of other warnings (I.e. smoke and odors) if your engine is running hot and on the brink of overheating. When you encounter these signs, you must act quickly to figure out your cooling system’s problem and have it repaired.

Steps for when your Check Engine Light flashes:

Step #1- Remain calm and collected

The unexpected appearance of the check engine light can make anyone worried. We’ve all been there and understand how frustrating it is to deal with. No matter the circumstances, remain calm and collected. Take deep breaths, pull over to safety, and contact your local shop ASAP!

Step #2- Use an OBD-II scanner

Use an OBD-II scanner to read the error code stored in the fault memory. Once it’s retrieved, the code will give you a better understanding of what the larger issue at play. After the necessary repairs are made, this tool can be used to reset your dashboard signals and turn the check engine light off.

Step #3- Ask a mechanic

If you fail to get to the bottom of the issue yourself, bring your vehicle in to our nearest service center to have it checked by a certified technician. It won’t take us long to run diagnostics and provide the best solutions to get your Audi back to its original condition.

Audi Engine Inspection

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