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Tips To Prevent Land Rover Fuel Tank Shield Rusting

Ever wondered why your Land Rover can drive through mud, splash across rivers, and climb hills without any trouble? A big shout-out goes to a part of your car you might not think about much – the fuel tank shield. This tough little shield hangs out under your car, protecting your fuel tank from getting hit by rocks or getting rusty from all that dirt and water. But, like any defender, it needs a little care to keep doing its job effectively.

Rust can sneak up on this shield, making it weaker and putting your adventures at risk. Don’t worry, though! We have some easy tips to keep that shield strong and rust-free, so your Land Rover can keep going on those epic journeys. Ready to find out how to look after your car’s hidden protector? Let’s get started!

How To Prevent Rust In The Fuel Tank Shield

  • Clean the Undercarriage: After you’ve had fun driving through mud or on salty roads, you need to give the bottom of your car a good clean. Grab a pressure washer or just a hose and wash away all that muck that sticks to the fuel tank shield. If you leave that dirt there for a long time, it can make your Land Rover undercarriage rust.
  • Use Rust Inhibitors: There are special sprays and coatings you can put on the fuel tank shield and other parts under your car to stop rust before it even starts. It’s like putting a raincoat on your car’s parts to keep them dry and safe from rust-causing stuff in the environment.
  • Fix Rust Spots Fast: Another way to prevent this problem is to take action immediately if you spot any rust or damage on the shield. You can get rid of the rust by sanding it off, then put on some rust converter or primer, and finally repaint it. This is like putting a band-aid on a wound to protect it and help it heal faster but this time, it’s your SUV getting this treatment.
  • Look Out for Fuel Leaks: Keep an eye on the fuel tank and the pipes that carry fuel to make sure they’re not leaking. Fuel leaks can make the rusting worse on the fuel tank shield and nearby parts. If you see any leaks, get them fixed right away to keep fuel away from the shield and stop rust or damage.
  • Avoid Harsh Substances: When you’re cleaning the fuel tank shield, skip those really strong cleaners or scrubbers that can scratch or wear off the shield’s protective layer. Imagine using harsh soap on your skin – not fun, right? Stick to gentle soap and water or cleaners made just for car parts. This way, you keep the shield’s protection against rust.
  • Maintain Proper Clearance: Make sure there’s enough space between the bottom of your Land Rover and the ground, so the fuel tank shield doesn’t smack into rocks or other stuff when you’re cruising off-road. Driving carefully can prevent dents or damage that could invite rust.
  • Replace Damaged Components: If you peek under your car and see that the fuel tank shield or its bolts are looking really rusty or beat up, it might be time to get new ones. Choosing materials or shields that are better at fighting off rust can make a big difference and keep rust away for longer.

Land Rover Undercarriage Inspection

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* Land Rover Car image credit goes to: Javier Peribanez.

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